Giving Back: Suicide Prevention

A note from the founder

Writing this is not easy for me, even years after the fact.

In 2016, a profound tragedy struck our family with the loss of my little sister to suicide. She was only 21, and her untimely departure left an indelible mark on our lives.

The aftermath of that day was tumultuous; her death rippled into every aspect of our lives and turned them upsidedown. I won't delve into those dark times, but I can say with certainty: it's an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. Time may have dulled the sharpness of the grief, but as I write this, with tears streaming down my face, it's clear that the sorrow never fully disappears. It merely retreats into the shadows of our busy lives, resurfacing in quiet moments.

While we will never completely recover from this loss, it brings me a measure of solace to contribute towards preventing such tragedies. That's why I've chosen to support the Crisis Text Line, an exceptional organization combating suicide. They offer immediate text-based assistance to those in crisis, a service that has undoubtedly saved countless lives. They report that they successfully de-escalate someone at imminent risk for suicide or self harm every 30 minutes.

Our inaugural donation to the Crisis Text Line will be made at the end of 2023, a gesture I am eagerly anticipating. This contribution is not just a donation; it's a stand against what is often called the "silent epidemic" of suicide.

Thank you for visiting this page and for reading my story. Please remember, if you make a purchase, part of it will support a profoundly important cause – one that's very close to my heart.


Together, Crisis Text Line’saffiliates around the worldhave taken over 12 milliontext conversations

The Crisis Text Line: If you need help text HOME to 741741 to reach a live volunteer Crisis Counselor